Hindutva Leader Guruji Raju Chandel calls for abolition of Wakf Board in India

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Jammu, February 5 – Renowned Hindu nationalist leader, Guruji Raju Chandel, addressed the media today, expressing his strong views on the unnecessary existence of the Wakf Board in India. Chandel asserted that India is the land of Hindus, while Pakistan belongs to our Muslim brethren. Given the partition of India and Pakistan based on religious lines, Chandel believes that the Bakf Board serves no purpose in India.

Chandel emphasized that after the partition, Muslims were allocated their share of land in Pakistan, and there was no need for the creation of the Wakf Board by the Congress party, except for political appeasement. He criticized the Congress for forming the Wakf Board to win votes from the Muslim community and argued that it is redundant since Muslims were already given their rightful land in Pakistan.
Highlighting the historical connection of Indian Muslims to the country,

Chandel noted that many Muslims, descendants of Hindu-Muslim families, chose to stay in India post-independence. He criticized the Congress for forcibly acquiring land through the Wakf Board, claiming it to be unconstitutional. Chandel suggested that the Wakf Board be immediately dissolved, and in its place, a Hindu Sanatan Culture Board should be established, representing the interests of the Hindu community.

Chandel condemned the Wakf Board’s actions, alleging that it has continuously encroached upon Hindu temples and properties, causing distress to the followers of the Sanatan Dharma. He argued that the Bakf Board’s control over Hindu religious sites is unconstitutional and detrimental to the principles of religious freedom.
Expressing concern for the ongoing conflicts arising from the Wakf Board’s interference,

Chandel urged the swift dissolution of the Board. He proposed the establishment of a Hindu Sanatan Culture Board in the upcoming session of the Lok Sabha, ensuring the immediate release of all lands forcefully taken by the Wakf Board.

Chandel stated that the abolition of the Wakf Board would bring an end to the long-standing disputes and pave the way for peaceful coexistence among all communities in India.(CNI) Current News of India

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