IAF chief reacts to Chinese threat along LAC, Since Galwan crisis, taken measures to have credible deterrence in that area.

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Delhi, 05 June (CNI): Indian Air Force Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari this week emphasised on the preparedness of the Indian Air Force in the wake of developments along the northern borders. India shares International Border (IB) and Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan and an undefined Line of Actual Control with China.

The Air Force chief said that the country has focused on developing adequate infrastructure along with deployment of assets to ensure a steady deterrence along the norther borders.

Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari said the IAF is “fully aware” of the developments that are taking place across the northern borders and asserted that since the Galwan Valley crisis in 2020, the force is continuously upgrading its capabilities and changing tactics to be able to handle any threat.

As per the monitoring desk of Current News of India (CNI) the IAF chief also said at an event that three winters down the line, “we have created adequate infrastructure” and ensured “adequate deployment of all our assets” to have a “credible deterrence in that area”.

he Indian and Chinese troops are locked in an over-three-year confrontation in certain friction points in eastern Ladakh even as the two sides completed disengagement from several areas following extensive diplomatic and military talks.

The ties between the two countries nosedived significantly following the fierce clash in the Galwan Valley in June 2020 that marked the most serious military conflict between the two sides in decades.

“We are always on 24×7 readiness to take on any challenge. We are fully aware of the developments that are taking place across our northern borders. We keep a regular surveillance over what is happening there, and our acquisition and deployment philosophy is always based to counter such kind of threats that are likely to emerge from there,” Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari said in response to a question on threat from China since the Galwan clash.

He said that after the Galwan crisis, the primary aim was to “enhance our surveillance in that area, to actually see what is happening across the border”.

“So, we had to deploy a large number of radar of all sizes in that area. We had to bolster it by deploying surface-to-air guided weapons. We had to redeploy our fighter aircraft,” he said.

On handling any emerging Chinese threat, he said, “We are continuously upgrading our capabilities, and changing our tactics, techniques and procedures, to be able to handle the threat.”

Asked if there are any gaps in countering such threats, he said, gaps cannot be quantified, but those are being overcome with better tactics and technologies.

“There is always a counter” to what is happening across the border, he said.

On drone being used for nefarious intent, the IAF chief said, “We have already procured a large number of counter-drone system” and the force is working on bolstering its capabilities in this area.

Later, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar in a separate interaction said the Indian Navy is “combat ready, credible, cohesive and future-proof”.

He said the Navy deploys assets in a planned manner.

“And, whenever assets are deployed, they are fully combat-ready, that is they are ready to undertake a wide range of missions,” the Navy chief said.(CNI)

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