Imran Raza Ansari Strongly Denies Omar Abdullah’s ‘Jannat’ Remarks Asks him to avoid religious commentary citing lack of knowledge and practice

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Srinagar, (CNI) Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference Senior General Secretary Imran Raza Ansari today strongly refuted NC leader Omar Abdullah’s “heaven” remarks during a rally in Budgam and told him that he should not focus on religion avoid commenting.


Expressing his surprise at Abdullah’s comment, Ansari said on micro-blogging site X, “During the Budgam rally, Omar Abdullah had said that these A team B etc. may get the election certificate but they will not get the heaven certificate. I normally don’t try to react to such comments, but since this is about our religion, I felt compelled to intervene as a keen follower and student of Islam.


Refuting Abdullah’s claim, Ansari said, “I remind Omar Abdullah that Allah will decide who goes, that is the essence of our faith, our religion. Let’s not make fun of religion. Omar Abdullah will not decide who will go to heaven and who will not.


Ansari further cautioned Abdullah against commenting on religion and asserted that the days of superstition and delusion are over.


“I warn him that the era of Astaghfirullah – ‘La ilaha ila Allah Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah’ is over, as is the era of myths about Sheikh Abdullah’s name being written on poplar leaves. Cheating is no longer possible.”


In a scathing criticism, Ansari added that Omar Abdullah is lucky to have political opponents who refrain from questioning his religiosity.


“And Mr. Omar Abdullah, look inward, you are lucky to have such generous political opponents, they avoid questioning your religiosity, questioned elsewhere. Your courage, when someone you can question a number of issues, is surprising. You ask me, your actions are derogatory from Islam, we have never touched your personal life.”


Ansari further urged Abdullah to avoid using religion in his political speeches.


“Stop acting like a feudal lord and reject the notion that it is your family’s turn after the Maharaja. You neither have the knowledge nor do you practice it”, he concluded.(CNI)

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