In a heartwarming display of dedication and achievement, 40 girls in the Duroo area of Sopore in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district have become Hafiz Nazirah Sharief

Sopore : This remarkable milestone was celebrated during a special program organized by the Civil Society Duroo, under the supervision of Gh Rasool Palla and his team.

The felicitated program took place at the Markazi Jamia Masjid Sharief Duroo, where the girls were honored for their tireless efforts and commitment to memorizing the Quran.

Their dedication and hard work have not only brought pride to themselves but have also inspired many others in the community.

As per the News Agency Current News of India (CNI) The event, organized by the Civil Society Duroo, aimed to recognize and acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of these young girls.

Their success not only brings honor to their families but also sets an inspiring example for other girls in the area.(CNI) Current New of India

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