India only saw Poverty of Congress rule while nine years of the Narendra Modi government are India’s pride & Era of Development: Amit Shah

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Delhi, 12 June (CNI) : Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the 10 years of Congress’ rule was a period that saw increasing poverty while nine years of the Narendra Modi government are India’s pride.

Shah’s comments came during one of his addresses in Nanded, Maharashtra.“The 10 years of the Sonia-Manmohan government were a period of increasing poverty in the country whereas during 9 years of Modiji’s government, a lot of poor welfare works were undertaken,” he said.

He said that it was only after the BJP came to power in 2014 that India saw some real progress.

He said, “The last 9 years of PM Modi-led Government are the years of India’s pride, of India’s development, of India ensuring the welfare for poor. Only after Sonia-Manmohan rule ended and Modi Ji took command did India make progress and ensure development.”

Hailing the work done by Bhartiya Janata Party under Narendra Modi, the union minister said, “India’s culture and heritage are being best preserved under the strong and dynamic leadership of Modi Ji. The last 9 years of the BJP government have ensured poor welfare and good governance in a true sense.”q

“Narendra Modi ji has done the work of respecting the country’s culture and history, Narendra Modi ji has done the work of making the country proud in the world. Today, wherever he goes in the world, slogans of Modi-Modi ji are raised and this respect is not for Modi ji but for our people,” he added.

Shah is on a two-day visit to the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Shah’s event is part of the party’s month-long campaign covering all Lok Sabha constituencies to mark the completion of nine years of the central government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (CNI)

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