Indian Army Rescue Pregnant Women Amid heavy Snowfall In Vilgam Kupwara

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Kupwara:- Vilgam Army Camp on Saturday rescued a pregnant woman amid Heavy snowfall from Khanbal to PHC Vilgam of North Kashmir’s Kupwara District. At 10:40 PM, Army Camp Vilgam received a distress call from SHO Vilgam and Mr Mushtaq Ahmed Gagi, husband of the pregnant woman, Mrs Safoora Begum, requesting for urgent rescue and medical evacuation of the pregnant lady who was in critical condition.
“Due to heavy snowfall from last two days, the road was completely blocked and vehicle’s movements was very difficult.

Realising the exigency, rescue team and medics from Army Camp Kakrosa immediately responded to distress call, risking their own safety, while hiking for 7-8 km in 2 to 3 feet of snow in the middle of the night.
In spite of heavy snow on the road, the rescue team reached the location in time and the patient was carefully and safely evacuated to PHC Vilgam.

“Vilgam police already on standby at PHC Vilgam received the patient and a team of doctors attended the lady immediately to ensure her safety.

“The family and doctors have in the meantime expressed their gratitude to the Indian Army and Vilgam police for their swift action and timely assistance to saved the live of mother and child.

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