International Conference on Al-Aqsa : Sufi Journalist Manzoor Zahoor from Kashmir will attend ‘Return of Al-Aqsa’ Conference

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Srinagar, August 23: The 2nd 3-day International Conference on Al-Aqsa, titled “Call of Al-Aqsa and Palestine and Imam Hussain (AS),” is scheduled to take place on August 27th in the city of Karbala, Iraq.
The conference will see the participation of various personalities from Muslim countries, the Indo-Pak subcontinent, and Bangladesh.

Manzoor Zahoor Shah, a senior Sufi journalist and Director of Sufi Media Services from Jammu and Kashmir, has been extended an invitation to this prestigious and unique event. Shah shared that he will travel to the conference via Duha to Baghdad from Delhi on August 26th.

Additionally, he mentioned that the conference organizers will take the participants to several other significant sites, including Najaf Shareef and the Dargah of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani in Baghdad.

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