Is hooliganism a weapon to address the self interest at the cost of public good

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Who says the days of hooliganism are over. They still exist in our society-time and again disrupt the social fabric of our society, regardless whether it is of anything useful to them or not. They simply resort to hooliganism to make their presence felt or are unknowingly being used by some unknown hand for his nefarious designs to make simpleton people to suffer.

This is the whole case behind the drama perfomed by some people of the small colony known by the name of Reshi Colony Mir Danter Anantnag. Recently the municipal organization tried to lay down a small drain, but a few residents of the area gave a stiff resistance to the authorities despite the fact that it had nothing to do with them and is beyond one’s imagination.But as they say, “common sense is not that common” And the inherent jealousy towards your neighbors is still too strong in the blood of few people.

The reason they give is that it will overflow their drain. One wonders where the water will go in the absence of drain, obviously it will flow to the same drain as it is the only common outlet.

Authorities are kindly requested to take note of the situation and complete the drain, more so as the road is to be mecadamised in the coming days, which again will be a futile exercise in the absence of the drain as the water logging will greatly demage the mecadamised road. The authorities are therefore highly requested to go with the work and take necessary steps against these instigators.

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