Israeli police raid Al Jazeera offices in Nazareth

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Tel Aviv, May 9:(CNI MONITERING )Israeli police have raided the offices of broadcaster Al Jazeera in the city of Nazareth, confiscating equipment belonging to the Arab-language TV channel.

The raid comes several days after the Israeli government banned Al Jazeera, both blocking access to Al Jazeera’s content in Israel and banning the broadcaster from operating.

Israel’s communications minister signed a closure order for the broadcaster on Sunday, and Al Jazeera’s office in the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem was raided that same day.

Israel accuses the channel of biased reporting in the Gaza war. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already announced his intention to close the TV network’s facilities operating in Israel more than a month ago.

Israel’s parliament had previously approved a measure widely known as the Al Jazeera law that enables the government to shut down and ban foreign broadcasters if they are classified as a risk to state security.

The broadcaster has categorically rejected the Israeli accusations and described the ban as a “criminal act” that violated human rights and the fundamental right of access to information.

Al Jazeera said it would take all possible action against the move and defend the rights of the broadcaster and its employees.–(CNI MONITERING)

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