Jammu Horror: Young man fatally hit by blacklisted Government vehicle, Driver arrested

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Jammu, Feb 9: In the Janipur area of Jammu district, a young man lost his life after a collision with a government official’s vehicle. The driver, identified as Kuldeep Kumar, has been arrested, and a case has been registered at Janipur Police Station.

The unfortunate event unfolded on February 7 when a fast-moving vehicle, belonging to a Block Development Officer (BDO), struck 26-year-old Rajat Bhola. The victim, a mechanic, was on his way home on a scooty. Promptly responding to the incident, the police reached the scene and apprehended the accused driver along with the vehicle.

The vehicle involved in the collision displayed a ‘J&K Government’ board and was promptly identified by locals after the incident. Notably, the vehicle had been blacklisted according to the Privahan App of the Government. The order stated, “Vehicle is flagged as Not To Be Transacted (NTBT) by JAMMU RTO, Jammu and Kashmir due to reason Others,

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