Jammu-Kashmir to get new ‘Safety messaging System’ with Warning Alert Sounds for emergency situations

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Srinagar, 06 Sep (CNI) : In Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, a ‘new safety messaging system’ with ‘warning sounds’ and auto-readout alerts is set to be introduced to alert people about emergency situations.

This initiative is the result of successful trials of a Cell Broadcast Alert System (CBAS) conducted by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

As per the monitoring desk of Current News of India, The CBAS system features high-pitched audio alerts that are designed to quickly grab people’s attention, allowing for swift responses to various emergency situations such as earthquakes, flash floods, militant attacks, epidemics, and law and order issues.

The goal of these new features is to deliver warnings promptly to prevent the loss of life and property. The enhanced technical capabilities ensure that disaster management messages can be immediately sent to all mobile users in a specified area, minimizing the warning time.

The License Service Area (LSA) in Jammu and Kashmir serves as the testing ground for this large-scale cell broadcasting initiative, assessing its efficiency across various mobile operators and cell broadcast systems. The system is designed to identify specific geographical areas and deliver alerts to all mobile users in those areas, warning them of potential dangers.

CBAS is an advanced technology that disseminates critical and time-sensitive disaster management information to all mobile devices within a defined geographical area, benefiting both residents and visitors. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that emergency information reaches as many people as possible, making it invaluable for government agencies and emergency services.

Cell Broadcast technology is commonly used for delivering emergency alerts, including severe weather warnings, public safety messages, evacuation notices, and other vital information.

The testing of this messaging system is currently underway and has been carried out for the first time in the Jammu and Kashmir circle by BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), the primary service provider in the region. BSNL has stated that it will not charge mobile users for this service, as it is entirely managed by the disaster management setup and service providers.

According to DoT official A K Tripathi, the service is expected to be officially launched by the Prime Minister after the completion of trials and testing throughout the country. (CNI)

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