Jammu not yet Ready to Impose Property tax, Proposed Property tax will not be Implemented from April 1,says Rajendra Sharma

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Srinagar,02 April (CNI):Mayor of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) Rajinder Sharma said that the Jammu province is not yet competent to implement property tax,proposed property tax will not be imposed in Jammu from April 1 as the Municipal corporation has not yet completed the registration of all houses, properties and commercial establishments.

According to News agency-Current News of India (CNI),Mayor Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) Rajinder Sharma said that the proposed property tax will not be implemented in Jammu from April 1 as the corporation is yet to register all the households.

While speaking to the media person on the sidelines of an event, Sharma said, “For imposing property tax, JMC has to register all the households in municipal limits.”

“JMC will provide digital door numbers and QR (Quick Response) codes for every house, which is still under the process,so we are not imposing the property tax from April 1,” he said.

On people’s opposition to property tax, the mayor said,“There is no opposition to the tax and people have accepted that for progress, they have to pay nominal taxes.”

The mayor said that the Jammu and Kashmir administration has invited suggestions for property tax and people should submit them to the government.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha also maintained that UT is the last in the country to come under the purview of property tax. He said there was no state or city in the country where property tax had not been imposed.

Sinha while replying to a question at a press conference on Wednesday said “Jammu and Kashmir was last in the imposition of property.We have imposed the tax after due consideration and with sensitivity,”

The LG compared the neighboring states and said that 40 per cent of the city inhabitants have no tax impact.There are 5.20 lakh houses in cities,Of these, 2,03,600 households will have to pay only Rs.1,000 a year.There is only a certain area of certain cities, the rest of the houses will be less taxed,he added.(CNI)

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