Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports Invites Media to Witness Skiing Courses in Sonamarg

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Srinagar : Established in 1983, the Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports (JIM and WS) stands as a beacon of adventure and skill development in India. A collaborative effort between the Ministry of Defence (GOI) and Government of Jammu and Kashmir, the institute is renowned for its expertise in adventure activities such as Mountaineering, Skiing, Trekking, Rescue Operations, Water Rafting, Paragliding, and Expeditions. Annually, JIM and WS host approx 1000 students from various parts of India, nurturing their talents and fostering a spirit of adventure and nation-building.

The institute is working with a aim to Expose youth to nature and kindle spirit of adventure and Nationalism.


Currently, JIM and WS is conducting skiing courses at Sonamarg: Basic Skiing Course No.63 with 69 students and Intermediate Skiing Course with 23 students both courses have got students from various parts of the country to include states far flung states like Telangana , Andhrapradesh,Karnataka , Madhyapradesh,Rajastan ,Bihar ,Gujarat, Tripura etc.

The courses here are run at at Approximately 15% of the actual cost balance being funded various government departments with 75% by MoD, 15% by MYAS and 10% by J and K Govt.


Highlighting its commitment to promoting adventure and community with Nationalism JIM and WS recently hosted historic events in the valley, including the *Lidderwat Trail Run* on 25th October 2023 which witnessed 300 participants including 100 girls from the valley and the Unity Run on 31st oct 2023 and Ice Climbing Competition on 28th January 2024 at Pahalgam. These events, made possible through collaboration with civil administration

Especially PDA ( Pahalgam Development Authority) and generous sponsors such as hotels and restaurants, will continue as an annual series, showcasing the valley’s natural beauty and attracting tourists while creating local employment opportunities.


Beginning on February 15th, JIM and WS will kick off a Special Skiing Course at Pahalgam, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to hone their skills on the pristine slopes of the region. In addition to this, the institute will also conduct a Special Basic Mountaineering Course and specially designed Adventure courses tailored for school children and NCC participants.


In a significant stride towards self-sustainability in alignment with government directives and promoting adventure tourism, JIM and WS has forged partnerships with civil adventure enthusiasts. This collaborative effort aims to elevate the institute’s visibility


JIM and WS announces Ice Climbing Competitions and the Lidderwat series of trail runs, set against the backdrop of the breathtaking valley.


JIM and WS is gearing up for an action-packed season with a diverse array of adventure activities and collaborations aimed at promoting tourism, fostering local employment, and advancing the progress of the valley.


We extend a warm invitation to media representatives to join us at Sonamarg and witness firsthand the dedication and skill development of our students.

By documenting and sharing these experiences on social media platforms, we aim to enhance the visibility of our institute and inspire a broader audience to embrace adventure.


In alignment with our mission to foster adventure and nation-building, JIM and WS is collaborating with the Public Relations Office of Jammu and Kashmir to create a positive impact on society.


We kindly seek the support of media professionals in covering our training activities and leveraging their public relations expertise to amplify the recognition of our institute.CNI

PRO (Defence), Srinagar

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