J&K FMPHW Demand To Level-out The Genuine Grievance

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Female Multipurpose Health Workers (FMPHW) of Jammu and Kashmir who are working since 1988 as the first date of appointment-ironically have not earned any promotion in view of the requisite qualification as Matriculation with Diploma in the required field.

During the time of selection only females were selected and appointed for the posts.
However, from 1994 male category was also accommodated onwards as male multipurpose health workers, since FMPHW were appointed in 1988 and male multipurpose workers are much junior to females, importantly FMPHW was a divisional cadre post and seniority was to be fixed on divisional cadre basis.

Tragically, FMPHW from last 35 years have not been considered for any higher promotions with a result of stagnation severely affected their morale causing ‘sucker aversion’.

Essentially, FMPHW have only 25% quota in the post of Health Educators while as Male Multipurpose Health Workers are give 35% quota , which talks of grave injustice to FMPHW with a latent patriarchy by the administration.
Furthermore, district wise seniority lists and promotions are being made in contrast to set laws and rules which are principal to the field.

In this regard Central Administrative Tribunal has passed a direction not to finalise the promotion to the posts of Health Educators in void to said direction, however director health services has issued promotion orders and later on apt intervention from the tribunal the director health withdrew the order of promotion- but – tribunal again said that promotes are being allowed to function on the posts of health educator which is brazen violation of the order of the tribunal and rules put forth.

FMPHW wanting for the immediate removal of the disparity and framing a combined and common seniority list of male and female multipurpose health workers seniority list and ask the higher echelons to issue the orders in this regard.

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