JKPECC Threatens Protests Over Unaddressed Employee Issues

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Jammu and Kashmir, June 11, 2024 — An official meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir Power Employees Coordination Committee (JKPECC) was held today, focusing on critical issues faced by employees across various Power Development Department (PDD) corporations. Presided over by the JKPECC Chairman, the meeting saw representatives from all constituent bodies in attendance.


The assembly unanimously decided that if the Power Management continues to neglect the pressing concerns of employees and fails to address the financial issues before Eid 2024, a protest program will be initiated. The key grievances highlighted include:


1. Welfare Fund Mismanagement: The Welfare Fund, designed to provide financial assistance to employees affected by accidents, has become a major concern. Despite contributions from all PDD employees, amounting to crores of rupees, there has been no government contribution, and the fund remains unaccounted for. Deserving employees have record. CNI

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