K T M F Advocates Self-Reliance to Attain Economic Stability : Mohammad Altaf Dar

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Srinagar, Kashmir – May 14, 2024 – In a compelling address, General Secretary (Organisation) of the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (Regd) , Mohammad Altaf Dar, emphasized the critical need for embracing self-reliance as a means to achieve economic stability. He underscored that breaking free from the burden of loans is pivotal in ensuring long-term prosperity for individuals and the nation as a whole.


Dar highlighted that overdependence on loans can lead to economic vulnerabilities, hindering the growth and development of business communities. He stressed the importance of fostering an environment conducive to self-sufficiency, where individuals and businesses are empowered to generate their income and resources.


“True economic stability lies in our ability to rely on our own strengths and resources,” stated Mohammad Altaf Dar. “By reducing our dependency on loans, we can pave the way for sustainable growth and prosperity.”


The Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (Regd)reiterated its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote self-reliance and economic empowerment within the region.Mohammad Altaf Dar encouraged stakeholders to collaborate in creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, skill development, and innovation.


As the call for economic self-reliance gains momentum,Mohammad Altaf Dar urged policymakers to prioritize policies that foster an enabling environment for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and budding entrepreneurs. He emphasized the role of education and training in equipping individuals with the skills needed to thrive in a competitive global economy.


The Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation( Regd) reaffirmed its dedication to advocating for policies that empower individuals and businesses to chart their path towards economic stability and prosperity.

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