Kargil Vijay Diwas: Mountaineers Of Army’s Dagger Division Scale Mount Kun In Record Time, Perform Yoga At 7,077m

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To mark the celebrations of Kargil Vijay Diwas a team of mountaineers of Dagger Division have achieved a historic feat by climbing Mount Kun, standing at an impressive height of 7,077 meters.

As per the statement, issued here to News-agency Current News of India (CNI) The journey commenced on 8th July when the team was flagged off from Baramulla by Maj Gen Rajesh Sethi, GOC 19 Infantry Division. Setting off from the base camp on 11th July, the intrepid mountaineers led by Col Rajneesh Joshi achieved their long-awaited victory as they summited Mount Kun on the 18th of July, at 11:40 AM. Adding an extraordinary touch to their accomplishment, the mountaineers performed Yoga at an altitude of 7,077 meters, marking it the highest point ever where Yoga has been practiced.

This remarkable feat not only showcases the unwavering dedication and exceptional skills of the Indian Army’s mountaineering team but also highlights the deep-rooted connection between physical well-being and spiritual practices.

With the successful ascent of Mount Kun, the focus now shifts to the upcoming expedition to Mount Nun, soaring at an awe-inspiring height of 7,135 meters. The same team, will now proceed towards Mount Nun, carrying with them the hopes and aspirations of the nation.

The Indian Army mountaineers have once again showcased their determination and commitment to achieve extraordinary goals in the face of adversity. The nation eagerly awaits their next venture, wishing them success and safe passage as they continue to etch their names in mountaineering history.(CNI)

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