Kash Media’s Project Secures Prestigious Position at Kalakari Film Awards

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Srinagar, April : In a thrilling announcement, Kashmedia’s project has been selected for prestigious Kalakari Film Awards.


In a confirmation letter which said that after rigorous evaluation by the jury and Kalakari team, the project emerged victorious, showcasing unparalleled creativity and artistic brilliance.


“Your project has truly impressed us with its creativity and artistic merit, and we believe it deserves to be celebrated among the best in the industry. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to you and your team on this remarkable achievement”, reads the letter.


Reacting to the selection, Producer and Director of the film Manzoor Ahmad Dar too expressed happiness over the selection of his project (Akther Rasool eternal canvas) for Kalakari award.


“I am very excited and excited, there is an all round effort behind its success. I want to thank my team for making it a success”, he said.


The letter states that with a resounding acknowledgment of Kashmedia’s exceptional work, the project has captivated audiences and industry experts alike, setting a new standard for excellence in filmmaking. The recognition not only celebrates the project’s ingenuity but also underscores its profound impact on millions of hearts worldwide.


“Please don’t stop with your work. You are doing great work and inspiring millions of hearts. Your Project made the in-house JURY SCREENING and review more beautiful and interesting”, adds the letter. CNI

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