Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation KTMF(Regd)Demonstrates Solidarity with Fire Victims in Barapathar Batamaloo

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Srinagar, Feb 07:- (CNI) The Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation KTMF (Regd), under the dynamic leadership of its Chairman, Abrar Khan, extended a helping hand to the victims of the recent devastating fire in Barapathar Batamaloo.

The KTMF (Regd)team, comprising dedicated individuals including Patron Mushtaq Ahmed Darail, Constitution Committee Head Farooq Batkoo, Advisor DrTouseef Ahmed Bhatt , President Hilal Mandoo, Senior Vice President Sofi Mohiduddin, General Secretary Altaf Dar (Org), Secretary Danish Pandow, and others, demonstrated their solidarity and support by providing immediate assistance to the affected families.

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the KTMF (Regd) team donated a cement truck on the spot, along with essential food kits and bedding, to the families impacted by the tragic fire. This timely intervention aims to alleviate the suffering of the victims and assist them in rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of this devastating incident.

Chairman Abrar Khan emphasized the importance of standing united in times of crisis, stating, “It is our moral obligation to support our fellow citizens during times of adversity especially the traders . The KTMF (Regd) team stands in solidarity with the fire victims and remains committed to providing continued assistance and support as they work to recover from this unfortunate event.”

The swift and proactive response of the KTMF (Regd )team reflects their unwavering dedication to the welfare of the community and their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

The KTMF( Regd) extends its gratitude to all those who have supported their relief efforts and encourages members of the community to come together to aid the affected families during this challenging period. (CNI) Current News of India

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