Kashmiri Citizens Demand Government Action on Societal Issues : Mohammad Altaf Dar

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Srinagar, Kashmir – April 1, 2024 – Today, the citizens of Kashmir, represented by prominent socio-political activist and senior trade union leader Mohammad Altaf Dar (Rajbagh), have come together to call upon the government and local LG administration to address several longstanding issues plaguing the region.


Among the pressing concerns highlighted by the citizens are the rising epidemic of drug addiction, increasing incidents of street crimes, proliferation of beggars, aggravating noise pollution, and rampant road-side encroachments. These issues, while seemingly insignificant on their own, have the potential to escalate into major governance challenges if left unaddressed, echoing the principles of the broken glass theory.


Mohammad Altaf Dar (Rajbagh) emphasizes the urgency of tackling these societal problems head-on. He stresses that the collective efforts of both the government and the community are essential to effectively combatting these issues and fostering a safer, healthier, and more prosperous environment for all Kashmiri citizens.


As Kashmir continues to strive for peace, progress, and prosperity, it is imperative that the concerns of its residentst are heard and acted upon by the authorities. The citizens stand united in their call for tangible action and meaningful reforms to address the root causes of these pressing challenges.CNI

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