Kashmiri journalist selected finalist for World ‘Journalist of the Year Award’

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Srinagar 17,Jun(CNI): Kashmiri journalist Qazi Shibli has been declared a finalist for the prestigious One Young World award for the Journalist of the year award.

The 30-year-old journalist from Kashmir who is the editor of independent news organization, The Kashmiriyat, has featured in various international and national publications. His works have most recently appeared in Polis Project and Himal South Asia Magazine.

Last year, Qazi Shibli won the International Kamaran Award. Earlier this year, he was declared a finalist for the Fetisov Journalism Award.

The UK based One Young World has declare the list of 15 journalists for the award and Qazi Shibli is the only journalist from India to make it to the final list.

UK based One Young World gives out the Journalist of the Year Award to identify and promote five of the world’s most impactful journalists changing how stories are reported and having a positive global impact.

Thousands of journalists globally apply for the award and out of these only fifteen make it to the finals.

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