Kashmiri Pandits strongly demands for comprehensive and sustained economic package and rehabilitation program for our exiled community, particularly for displaced KPs solely reliant on relief, unemployed youth, overage youths elderly, and low-income pensioners : KPC

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Jammu : It is heartbreaking that the community known for its generosity now finds itself in exile, enduring immense hardships with no end in sight. The enormity of our displacement in 1989-90, amidst a vast Hindu-majority nation like India, remains a painful paradox—where protection seemed assured yet faltered.

Today, as exiled Pandits navigate this crisis, India treads cautiously, often neglecting non-vote bank communities like ours, most severely affected by displacement. Leaving behind our homes, businesses, and land, we confront profound economic vulnerability.

The truth reveals a stark reality: government agendas seldom prioritize our plight beyond token gestures and political lip service, exploiting our suffering for fleeting gains.

Approximately 90% of low-income KP households lack regular income, relying solely on meager relief, struggling to afford basic necessities. While a minority receive minimal aid residing in camps and non –camps, the majority up to 80 are unheard, ignored, renting accommodations, or burdened by loans for homes.

We question successive governments: what of the 70-80% without relief, ration, or assistance? How long can this neglect persist?

Therefore, we implore the current government under the esteemed leadership of Prime Minister Modi Ji and Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Ji to initiate a robust, inclusive economic rehabilitation plan/ Package. This initiative must directly uplift every KP household, lifting us beyond poverty. Special attention is needed for those dependent on relief, unemployed overaged youth, elderly, and low-income pensioners.

Implementing such a package/program is not beyond India’s capabilities as a leading global economy. It is a moral imperative to restore dignity and security including economic security to all displaced Kashmiri Pandits.

[Communicated to the Government of India and UT JK for urgent consideration,letter sent will follow.]

[Kundan Kashmiri ]
Sevak & President KPC
Mobile No. 8802167955

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