KPC welcomes New Criminal Laws which can be a Ray of Hope for Kashmiri Pandits to renew their cases of Massacres,target killings, loot & arson

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Jammu : The Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC) has warmly welcomed the introduction of three new criminal laws in India, viewing them as a potential turning point in their quest for justice. These laws, collectively known as the Bharatiya Nayaye Sanhite (BNS) and others, are seen as crucial steps towards addressing long-standing grievances of the Kashmiri Pandit community.


KPC expressed optimism that these new laws would finally bring justice to KP victims who have been neglected under previous legal frameworks and atrocities faced during the turmoil in the valley, including the killings of their loved ones, looting, and destruction of their properties. Many cases concerning these crimes were ignored or left unresolved under the old laws, leaving the community in a prolonged state of uncertainty and injustice.


Under the new laws there is renewed hope that unresolved cases of victim KP,s will be re-evaluated and expedited, offering a transformative period for justice.

KPC urge the authorities in the Union Territory of Jammu Kashmir to take a proactive stance in addressing these cases and emphasized the need for law enforcement agencies to swiftly act upon the numerous pending FIRs related to the killings and massacres that target Killings of the Kashmiri Pandit community.


Victim KP community which has endured immense suffering and displacement, believes that the new criminal laws will provide a fresh opportunity to revisit these cases and deliver long-awaited justice.

KPC anticipate that the review and activation of these pending FIRs will lead to tangible outcomes, particularly in incidents such as the massacres at Vandhama, Nadi Marg, and other targeted killings.including of P.M package employees and other cream of our community.


KPC views the introduction of the “Bharatiya Nayaye Sanhite” (BNS) and other associated laws as a crucial step towards addressing historical injustices. It represents a beacon of hope, signaling a renewed commitment to deliver justice to victim KP community , who have long been marginalized and ignored. As these laws come into effect, there is a collective optimism that they will pave the way for a more equitable and just future for all Indian nationalists, particularly those like the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community, whose voices have been waiting to be heard and validated.CNI

[ Kundan Kashmiri]

Sevak & President KPC

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