KPDCL stepped up inspections to tackle power theft 272 cases of smart meter tampering under investigation

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Srinagar: (CNI) To deal with power theft, Kashmir Power Development Corporation (KPDCL) has issued a strict directive to all electric divisions under its jurisdiction, including early morning and late night. It has been made mandatory to increase the inspection drives.


KPDCL said the proactive measure is aimed specifically at those involved in illegal hooking activities, a practice that significantly affects the integrity of the power distribution network.

Especially during the holy month, with a focus on tackling electricity theft, KPDCL is demonstrating its commitment to ensure fair and legal access to electricity for all consumers.


KPDCL is determined to identify and arrest all criminals involved in such illegal activities In a message issued by KPDCL officials, they reiterated their determination to “root out the shameful practice of power theft, which not only harms the integrity of the power grid but also harms law-abiding consumers.” It also deprives essential services”.


The corporation urged the public to cooperate with the inspection teams during the intensified drive and report any suspicious activity in their communities.


Furthermore, KPDCL assured consumers of its unwavering efforts to maintain reliable and transparent power supply across the region. By taking proactive measures to combat electricity theft, the Corporation aims to protect the interests of legitimate consumers and promote a culture of accountability and compliance within the community.


Meanwhile, Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has issued a stern warning regarding smart tampering. meter.


They announced that they will file FIRs (First Information Reports) for any such molestation cases, and have already referred 272 cases for investigation.


KPDCL emphasized the seriousness of the matter saying that the identity and names of the customers will be shared with the police. He cautioned against opening the seal and tampering with the meter’s internal circuitry, highlighting that this could lead to serious consequences.


This move underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity of the smart meter system and preventing any attempts at manipulation or fraud.


The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation (KPDC) has also appealed to consumers to avail the benefits of the extended power amnesty scheme.


Under this scheme, consumers have the opportunity to clear the principal amount of their outstanding bills and claim a waiver on interest accrued on non-payment.


The initiative is aimed at providing relief to consumers who have fallen behind in their electricity bills due to various reasons.


It is important to note that this scheme is a one-time concession, emphasizing its unique nature and limited duration. By encouraging consumer participation, KPDC aims to reduce financial burden and promote compliance in electricity bill payments.(CNI)

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