KTMF Applauds Ahsan Ul Haq and Zubair Sahib’s Contribution to Punjab National Bank : Farooq Ahmed Batqoo

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Srinagar : The Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) extends its appreciation towards Ahsan Ul Haq, serving as Segment Head Retail, and Zubair Sahib, in the capacity of PLP Head, at Punjab National Bank. This commendation comes in recognition of their pivotal roles in advancing the bank’s operational efficacy and customer-centric approach within Punjab.


Ahsan Ul Haq’s extensive background in retail banking promises to drive innovation and elevate customer satisfaction levels. His demonstrated ability toy craft bespoke solutions tailored to diverse consumer needs resonates seamlessly with Punjab National Bank’s unwavering dedication to excellence in retail services.


Similarly, Zubair Sahib’s appointment as PLP Head underscores the bank’s steadfast commitment to product lifecycle management, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge financial products and services. His expertise further solidifies Punjab National Bank’s position as a frontrunner in the banking industry.


Additionally, KTMF acknowledges the efforts of Farooq Ahmed Batqoo, as the Constitution Head, along with Mohammad Altaf Dar, General Secretary Organization, and Showkat Ahmed Bhat, Additional General Secretary, in facilitating strategic realignment.

Their collective efforts underscore Punjab National Bank’s commitment to delivering unparalleled banking experiences, cementing its stature as a trusted financial partner in the region. CNI

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