Lack of road maintenance and street lights irk Srinagar City residents : Mohammad Altaf Dar

Srinagar : Prominent Socio Political Activist And Sr Trade Union Leader Mohammad Altaf Dar in a statement issued to press here said Streetlights in Srinagar Muncipal areas have been defunct for months, making it difficult to navigate road riddled

Even after repeated several complaints by the residents of srinagar city & It’s extended areas not much has been done with regard to road maintenance and streetlights. Mohammad Altaf Dar alleged the srinagar municipal corporation was to cater to inner road maintenance and street lighting in the Srinagar city, but the plan continues to remain on paper.

The streetlights also in Rajbagh ward area I.e Kursu Bund,Khujbagh,Pathan Bagh via Masjid Usmania, Foot Bridge Rajbagh Kanilpora,Armwari,Iqbal Colony,Extension Kursoo Rajbagh,Ikrajpora ward areas, Wazir Bagh ward areas, Padshahibagh, Mehjoor Nagar ward areas,Solina ward areas,Allochi bagh ward areas,SD Colony Batmaloo areas,Pantha chowk ward areas & Shaheed gung ward areas have not been repaired for quite a while.

Only a few of them are functioning properly.At various places, there are no streetlights at all. The situation turns dangerous after sunset. Many accidents have taken place due to poor visibility at night.

The situation is dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians. Besides, the area falls into complete darkness at night which has increased the incidence of crime in the vicinity. Prominent socio political activist and sr trade union leader Mohammad Altaf Dar(Rajbagh) said that the authorities concerned especially SMC,UDAK should install more streetlights in the area and repair the broken ones.(CNI) Current News of India

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