Late at night, hailstorm damaged crops in Shopian, leaving locals in distress

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Srinagar, September 16 (CNI): A heavy hailstorm wreaked havoc on the crops in Nadigam, Kutpora, and adjacent villages of South Kashmir’s Shopian district on Saturday night, source said.

Reliable sources here told the (CNI), that midnight hailstorm damaged crops, including walnuts, and the villages are grappling with stress and deep depression due to this calamity.

He further added, “the hailstorm began around 1:15 am and persisted for at least 15-20 minutes.

“Around 70 percent of our crops have been completely damaged, and most of our stock was still on the trees as we hadn’t yet collected them,” said a local resident while highlighting severe damage to walnut trees and requesting the authorities to address their concerns.(CNI)

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