LG Manoj Sinha led Govt ramps up winter preparedness across UT as temperatures plummet

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Srinagar : The Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory government led by Manoj Sinha has initiated comprehensive measures to enhance winter preparedness, ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens.
The government has affirmed its commitment to strengthening machinery and related equipment significantly, aiming to enhance snow clearance and address various critical winter-related challenges compared to previous years.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has already dedicated specialized snow clearance equipment and vehicles to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The LG administration has received reports from the field officers indicating substantial upgrades in machinery and equipment by the J&K administration, ensuring notable improvement in addressing snow clearance and other winter-related challenges in the winter months.

Manoj Sinha has emphasized the paramount importance of maintaining critical infrastructure, road networks, and mechanical systems during winters.

He underscored the crucial role of the department in ensuring the well-being and convenience of citizens during the season.

LG has highlighted the government’s substantial enhancement of machinery and related equipment, stressing the importance of their timely deployment in the upcoming winters.

With a special emphasis on uninterrupted road connectivity, the LG has directed officers to deploy snow-clearing machinery and equipment in critical habitations and hospitals well in advance, aiming to mitigate any emergencies due to uneven snowfall.

He urged road agencies to work in coordination and synergy for the effective provision of services to the people.

In the review of other measures and agencies, he called for robust communication down to the last person, emphasizing the importance of cross-sectional and cross-departmental communication in dealing with any exigency.

The LG instructed officers to conduct a dry run of the communication network system for the timely improvement of services.
LG directed officers to adopt a meticulous approach in addressing the needs of people, especially those in critical and snow-bound areas.

He urged responsiveness to the genuine concerns of the public during winter eventualities.
LG has also instructed officers to deploy adequate machinery in hospitals and along roads leading to hospitals to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services, emergency transportation, and police assistance.

Representatives of various agencies gave detailed presentations on their respective agencies’ plan of action for snow clearance operations during the meeting.
It’s worth mentioning that the J&K Disaster Management Authority has handed over equipment to the Mechanical and Hospital Engineering Directorate of the PW (R&B) Department to carry out safe and effective snow clearing and maintain accessibility for citizens.
The equipment includes snow cutters, backhoe loaders, tractors with snow plows, light recovery vehicle cranes, wheel-mounted front-end loaders, variable snow plows, and wheel and chain-mounted excavators under the SDRF I, II, and III initiatives..(CNI) Current News of India

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