Lighting Protection A Comprehensive Guide By Bhanwar Lal

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Lightning is the most dangerous natural disaster. This disaster is one of the most frequent disasters of nature, erosion of electricity is happening on the ground for millions of years, neither can it be stopped. The Indian Metrological Department makes us aware of celestial lightning from time to time. Due to this, we can avoid rescue measures in time, and human knowledge can be reduced. Today we talk about how lightning affects human life. Lightning falling from the sky with thunder is called lightning, in English it is called lightning, there is a collision between the clouds in the sky, that is, due to friction, a sudden electrostatic charge They come out rapidly from the sky towards the ground, during this we hear a loud sound and we see light like sparking of electricity, this process is called celestial electricity.

The process of lightning is for a few seconds but there is so much volt current in it that it is enough to kill a man. Because it has electrical properties, it is more effective. In lightning, friction is created by the collision of clouds, then oppositely charged particles start separating from each other, which creates an electrical field, due to which lightning becomes effective.
How does celestial lightning reach the Earth?

The flow of electricity produced by friction is also thwarted by drops in the sky so that it reaches the earth for a conductor. It seeks such a medium on the earth through which it can pass if the lightning comes in contact with an electric pole or iron rod. comes in, he acts as a conductor for her formation of lightning

The discharge of electric charge in the atmosphere, transfers from one object to another, the crackle produced by it is called lightning. Lightning is also known as thunderbolt, lightning, and cover. About one crore sixty lakh lightning is generated every year in the world, Madhya Pradesh is the most abundant of lightning in India. After this, it happens in the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Jammu Kashmir, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, etc. Most of the lightning falls in Odisha. Every year thousands of people lose their lives in the country, and from time to time it takes a formidable form. That’s why it is necessary to be aware to avoid lightning, only then the loss of life and property can be reduced. Most of the lightning occurs at the time of rain, its time is from May to August.

Lightning is generally of three types

  1. Wide: – Wide lightning occurs in a very wide area and its uninterrupted light spreads over the clouds to a great distance.
  2. Dhari Dhar or Rekha Varna: – It is often visible in this more than one light line running straight or crooked here and there.
  3. Kaduk: – Like a luminous ball, it is seen coming towards the earth, its average diameter is 20 cm, as it moves towards the earth, its velocity decreases after appearing for about three to five seconds. It explodes with a lot of sound It is rarely visible The reason for its origin is unknown.
    What is the energy of celestial electricity:- Lightning produces energy up to a billion volts once it strikes. Normally the temperature of lightning is more than the upper surface of the Sun, its capacity is more than 300 kilowatts i.e. 125 million watts. Gas is produced by the fall of celestial lightning:- Lightning strikes are sometimes harmful and always beneficial for trees. Therefore, due to its heat during lightning, nitrogen and oxygen form bonds to form nitrogen oxides. How can lightning be stopped? before lightning
  • Cut the trees and plants which are in danger of falling on your house.
  • Follow the 30-30 safety rule to avoid electrocution. *Start counting to 30 upon seeing lightning. If you hear thunder before reaching 30, go indoors immediately. Suspend activities for at least 30 minutes after the last rumble. If lightning is inside the house\office? *Unplug all electrical equipment before a storm approaches.
  • Do not use wired telephone, electrical equipment, charger, etc. *Stay away from windows, doors, and verandahs. *Don’t touch plumbing and metal pipes. *Do not use running water. *Always ensure proper operation of earthing to avoid damage to electrical equipment. *Buy a search protector lightning rod or a lightning protection system to protect your home appliances and electronic equipment.
    do during lightning *Stay indoors. *Avoid natural lightning rods. *Stay away from large groups of people. do not during lightning *Do not be in contact with electrical items. *Avoid contact with metal objects. *Don’t let animals get out of control. If you are out of the house during lightning strikes. *Go to a safe shelter immediately. *Stay away from metal buildings and structures that use metal strips.
  • If you are under the open sky, bend your legs and sit with your head bowed, do not lie flat on the ground, do not keep your hands on the ground. Take shelter under trees because trees are good conductors of electricity. *Get away from the crowd. *Stay away from water bodies.
  • If you are outside when lightning or thunder starts, take shelter in a closed vehicle or building that has grounding. *If your car or bus is inside any other closed building, stay there. *Don’t use metal objects.
    *Stay away from live telephone lines. *Get out of the water, swimming pools, lakes, water bodies, and small boats. *Avoid hilly open ground sea coast and boats on the water. what happens when lightning strikes
  • Celestial electricity has the most effect on the head, shoulders, and throat of a person.
  • Heartbeat stops due to celestial electricity or internal organs getting burnt.
  • For people on whom celestial lightning falls, a shape called a lighting tree or lighting flower is formed on their body, it is made by bursting in small vessels carrying blood.
    lightning protection measures
  1. Do not stand under the tree.
  2. Stay away from the watery place.
  3. Iron things should not be used.
  4. Indicators should be installed on the houses to absorb the lightning.
  5. One should stay inside the house at the time of thunder.
  6. Keep away from things that generate electricity, such as radiators, and inverters.
  7. Don’t go in the open field.
  8. If you are in water then reach the shore.
  9. Take shelter in a big building or car in case of lightning.
  10. When in the open field, cover the nose and ears and sit between the knees, due to lightning, the eardrums burst and the heartbeat can stop, and keep your hands on the knees and head between the knees. Due to this posture, you will have minimum contact with the ground.
  11. At the time of lightning, stay in normal slippers and don’t wear any kind of iron-containing shoes.
  12. If the clouds are thundering and your hairs are standing on end, then it is a sign that lightning may strike, in such a situation, crouch down and sit on your feet.
  13. Do not use an umbrella or mobile phone and immediately move away from water, electric wires, poles, green trees, and mobile towers etc.
  14. There is more possibility of lightning falling in the afternoon.
  15. Do not come out immediately after lightning strikes. Most of the deaths happen due to lightning strikes till 30 minutes after the storm has passed.
  16. If there is more than one person during lightning, then do not hold each other’s hand at all, but keep distance from each other and stay away from the pile of grass, it can catch fire.

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