Literary luminaries illuminate 290th fiction writers’ guild weekly session in Srinagar

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Srinagar, (CNI)The 290th weekly session of the Fiction Writers’ Guild, a gathering marked by distinguished figures was held at Srinagar.


Those who participated in the event included literary personalities like Dr. Shad Ramzan, the Convener of Sahitya Academy, and Ms. Nayeema Ahmad Mehjoor, an esteemed author and journalist of international renown, gracing the presidium.


According to a press release issued to The news agency Current News Of India CNI the session commenced with the members praying for the departed soul of sister of General Secretary of the guild.


The session showcased three captivating short stories, each eliciting admiration from the audience.


Arshad Mushtaq, a renowned theater activist and dramatist, captivated listeners with his untitled Kashmiri narrative, which intricately depicted the vibrant life of downtown residential areas and the harmonious coexistence among its inhabitants, garnering particular acclaim for its portrayal of mutual understanding and inter-ethnic relations.


Riyaz Masroor, a distinguished journalist and accomplished writer, enraptured the audience with his Urdu tale “Bus Nikal Chuki Thi,” chronicling the aspirations of a young man striving for material success, his romantic entanglements ultimately culminating in a poignant resolution.


Masroor’s skillful command of lyrical prose held the audience spellbound until the story’s poignant conclusion, the press release read.


Nayeema Ahmad Mehjoor, a prolific author and internationally acclaimed journalist, showcased her storytelling prowess with her Urdu narrative “Shoe Lady,” immersing listeners in the compelling characterization of a woman affectionately dubbed the “Shoe Lady.”


“The audience was captivated by Mehjoor’s adept portrayal of the silent yet significant role played by the character of shoes in the narrative,” stated the press release issued to The Kashmiriyat.


In her insightful guest address, Nayeema Mehjoor emphasized the imperative of translating vernacular literature into international languages to amplify the reach of local authors, underscoring the importance of cultural exchange in the literary landscape.


Professor Shad Ramzan, in his presidential address, elucidated key aspects of literary criticism, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between authors and critics, stressing the significance of employing metaphor and language reflective of the zeitgeist.


Acknowledging the Fiction Writers’ Guild’s invaluable contribution to literary promotion and youth empowerment, the presidium likened its role to that of historic Coffee House Assemblies, underscoring the enduring significance of such platforms in nurturing literary talent and fostering cultural discourse.


Other than president of the Guild Dr.Nazir Mushtaq others who attended the session included Mohammad Amin Bhat, G M Bhat, Shakeel Ur Rehman, Akhtar Meraj, Mushtaq Mehdi, Tanvir Ajasi , Mohammad Yousaf Shaheen, Hina Khan , Muskaan Nargis, Rehana Shajar, G N Shahid, Mohi u Din Reshi, Dr.Neelofer Naaz Nehvi, Nighat Qureshi, Dr. Shahazada Saleem, Ilyas Arman, Suhail Salim, Niyaz Bhat, Auqib Ahmad, Wasif, Haroon Reshi, Rayees Ahmad Lone and Mohamad Jalal.(CNI)

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