Major Accident Averted At Delhi Airport, 2 Flights Allowed To Land, Take Off At Same Time

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Chaos erupted at the Delhi airport when two flights of the same airline were allowed to take off and land at the same time. However, the control room averted a major accident by taking prompt action in time.

According to CNI, media reports said that a Vistara Airlines flight was allowed to land at Delhi Airport on Wednesday morning, on the other hand, another Vistara flight was allowed to take off at the same time.

Thus there were signs of a major accident, but in time the matter was taken care of.

According to the reports, at the right time, an instruction was issued by the ATC regarding the overbooked flight and it was asked to stop the flight for some time.

Following this instruction, the flight crew removed the passenger plane from the runway and put it in the parking lot.

It is reported that Vistara flight UK725 was a scheduled flight from Delhi to Baghdogra. At the same time Vistara flight was going to land from Ahmedabad to Delhi.

Both these flights were to use the same runway. Both the planes were cleared at the same time, but the ATC took control of the matter and grounded the flight to Baghdogra.

According to an airport official, the Baghdogra-bound flight returned to the parking lot after the instructions of the Air Traffic Control (ATC).

According to officials, the flight was then refueled and the brakes were checked to ensure that the flight could return in case of bad weather.(CNI)

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