Man-Wild conflict: ‘Khar She’ behind yesterday’s Anantnag incident

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The Department of Wildlife Protection on Tuesday said that it was Indian Wolf locally known as ‘Khar She’ that injured many people yesterday in Sallar village of Anantnag district.

In a Press Release, as per news agency Current News Of India-CNI, department of wildlife said that there was no involvement of Leopard, Black Bear or a wild boar in Anantnag incident in which many persons injured.

“It was reported through Social Media, that the animal responsible for inflicting heavy injuries to affected person/s was a Black Bear (Ursus americanus): Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) or a Common Leopard (Panthera pardus), but after deputation of Wildlife Control Room field staff at site of incident and while approaching the injured persons at Govt. Medical Collage, Anantnag it has been verified that the Wild animal responsible is none other than an Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) in Kashmiri ‘Khar She’,” press release reads.

It further reads as, “the Wild animal might have become furious after chased by some villagers. Different teams from Wild- animal conflict Control Rooms in Distt. Anantnag had been deputed in the area for search and combing operations and for Trapping, Tranquilizing and its translocation from the area so that human lives and their assets are protected against the wrath of the problematic ‘Indian Wolf’.”

The department requested people living in and adjacent to the village sallar to cooperate with the Wildlife Protection Department.

For emergency the department has established a control room:

Divisional Control Room Bijbehara, 9596177461

Wildlife Control Room Achabal/Dooru, 8491842464

Wildlife Control Room Salia, 9906538932

Wildlife Control Room Sirigufwara, 7889844194.

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