Manoj Sinha: Architect of New Kashmir’s Development

Srinagar: In the politically charged landscape of Kashmir, certain factions have directed criticism towards the Honorable Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, contending his assertion that 80% of the populace is content with the government. However, the fervent claim stands resolute— not merely 80%, but an unequivocal 100% express satisfaction.

We delve into the noteworthy achievements and transformative initiatives spearheaded by the Honorable Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, over the past years. Shedding light on his dynamic leadership, we explore the multifaceted endeavors that have left an indelible mark on the union territory, redefining the trajectory of progress and development in Kashmir.


Innovative Policies and Global Recognition
From the commencement of his term, LG Manoj Sinha emphasized driving economic development. Through innovative policies and a business-friendly approach, he successfully attracted investments, culminating in the historic G20 Meeting hosted in May this year. This global event not only showcased the region’s potential but also brought world leaders together for discussions and potential collaborations.

Rs 86,000 Crore Investment Boost
His tenure saw proposals worth Rs 86,000 crores, with ongoing efforts to provide necessary support. In the last six months alone, projects worth Rs 1250 crore have been inaugurated, promising employment opportunities for thousands.

Restoring Peace and Development
End to Shutdowns and Stone-Pelting
LG Manoj Sinha’s tenure witnessed a significant reduction in shutdowns, bringing peace back to the valley. He inaugurated 94 sports infrastructure projects, symbolizing a commitment to not only political stability but also the overall well-being of the region.

Economic Growth and Tourism Revitalization
Jammu & Kashmir experienced a remarkable 14.64% economic growth in 2021-22, accompanied by a 31% increase in tax revenue. The tourism mission, with an allocation of ₹447 crore, aims at developing new destinations, sufi/religious sites, cultural/heritage sites, and tracks, receiving the highest-ever investment of ₹1,547.87 crore in the last 10 months.


Under LG Manoj Sinha’s leadership, the unemployment rate marginally decreased. Various self-employment schemes have covered over 2,02,749 youth, with a target to reach 2,37,000 by the year-end.

Holistic Agriculture Development Plan
A comprehensive agriculture development plan, with an outlay of ₹5,012 crore over the next five years, aims at creating job opportunities and new business enterprises, contributing to the overall economic growth of the region.

Fostering Inclusivity and Youth Empowerment
LG Manoj Sinha has broken conventional norms, fostering inclusivity and propelling the youth into the forefront of mainstream politics. Initiatives aimed at nurturing young talent and involving them in decision-making processes have significantly increased youth representation in political spheres.

Roadway Renaissance:
The ambitious road and transportation infrastructure projects initiated under LG Manoj Sinha’s administration aim to enhance connectivity across the union territory. The focus is on developing a robust network of roads, ensuring smoother transportation of goods and passengers. These projects include the construction and widening of key highways, improving accessibility to remote areas, and upgrading existing road networks to meet modern standards.

Bridging Dreams:
In addition to road infrastructure, the administration has prioritized bridge projects to overcome geographical challenges and improve connectivity between different regions of Jammu and Kashmir. These projects involve the construction of new bridges and the rehabilitation of existing ones, providing crucial links for communities and facilitating smoother transportation.

Railways Redefined:
Recognizing the importance of railway connectivity, LG Manoj Sinha’s administration has embarked on initiatives to enhance the railway network in the region. The focus is on improving existing railway infrastructure, introducing new railway lines, and connecting key locations to facilitate efficient transportation. These efforts aim to integrate Jammu and Kashmir into the broader railway network, fostering economic growth and regional development.

Sky-High Ambitions
Efforts to boost air connectivity under LG Manoj Sinha’s leadership include the development and expansion of airports within the union territory. These projects aim to improve accessibility for both domestic and international travelers, supporting tourism and trade. The administration is actively working on modernizing airport facilities, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Power Play:
Recognizing the importance of a robust power infrastructure, LG Manoj Sinha’s administration has undertaken initiatives to strengthen and expand the power grid in Jammu and Kashmir. The focus is on improving electricity generation, transmission, and distribution to meet the growing energy demands of the region. These efforts contribute to ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply, essential for fostering economic development and improving the quality of life for residents.(CNI) Current News of India

Manzoor Bhat
Senior Leader and State Co Incharge IT Department BJP J&K

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