‘Martyr’s Day’: ‘I’m under house arrest’, alleges Mehbooba Mufti

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In light of ‘Martyr’s Day’, which was observed every year before 2018 on 13th July, PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti alleged that she has been put under house arrest.

In a tweet, as per news agency Current News of India-CNI, Mehbooba Mufti said “I’m under house arrest for wanting to visit Martyr’s graveyard today. This at a time when GOI has used its tall claims of normalcy in SC to justify an act of betrayal- the illegal abrogation of Article 370.”

“BJPs own heroes Vir Sarvarkar, Shyama Prasad Mukheriji ,Gowalkar & Godse who spread hatred & divison can’t be forced on us. For us those who sacrificed their lives for democracy to take root in J&K will always be admired for their act of courage,” She said in a tweet.

“We won’t allow you to distort our history or forget our heroes. On the occasion of Martyrs day, I salute their courage for valiantly fighting against despots to the end,” her tweet reads.

Pertinently, On 13 July 1931, thousands of Kashmiris flocked to the central jail in Srinagar to see the trial of Abdul Qadeer. As the time for obligatory jumma prayer approached, a Kashmiri stood up to deliver the adhan. The Dogra governor, Ray Zada Tartilok Chand, ordered his soldiers to open fire on them, in total 22 Kashmiris were killed in the firing.(CNI)

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