MC Watergam Charging Vehicles Rs 20 Per Trip, Locals Aghast

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A ‘Chungi’ (toll plaza) has become a headache for drivers plying on the Baramulla-Handwara road as they are charged Rs 20 per trip.

Municipal Committee Watergam Handwara has set up a toll gate in Watergam which is used by all passenger vehicles entering Watergam. Vehicles are charged Rs 20 per trip. Locals said, if the vehicle enters the town four times a day it has to pay Rs 80.

They said, “While in other places only 20 rupees are charged for one entry which lasts for 24 hours.”

According to CNI, vehicles that enter have to pay an entry fee only once, however, the Toll set up by the Watergam Handwara Municipal Committee charges Rs 20 per trip and in this way, if a vehicle enters the town 5 times a day, it has to pay 100 rupees.

The people have expressed their anger on this matter and said that wherever one enters the city, the entry fee is charged only once, even in the Srinagar city, but the arbitrariness of Watergam toll is based on absolute injustice.

In this regard, they have appealed to the district administration Kupwara and other concerned authorities to intervene in this matter and take action against involved persons.(CNI)

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