Mehbooba Mufti slams BJP, defends Congress legacy amid divisive politics

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Srinagar, (CNI)PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti sharply criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks, accusing the BJP of resorting to divisive politics.

In a fiery rebuttal, Mufti while talking to media highlighted the long-standing legacy of the Congress party, which had been in power for more than fifty years, pointing out their role in nation-building and communal harmony.

“At no point did the Congress party ever resort to snatching ‘Mangalsutras’ or gold from our Hindu sisters to gift it to Muslims,” Mufti said, pushing back against allegations of Congress favoritism towards the Muslim community.

However, she pointed out Congress’s significant contributions to the country’s development, citing the construction of hospitals, factories, and the provision of livelihoods to citizens as evidence of their commitment to progress.

Moreover, Mufti underlined the pivotal role of the Congress party in India’s struggle for independence, stating, “Congress helped India achieve its freedom.”

She also rebuked the BJP’s leaders, suggesting that their criticism of Congress stemmed from a lack of substantive arguments, leading them to resort to divisive rhetoric between Hindus and Muslims.

The PDP Chief’s remarks come in response to PM Modi’s recent comments, which have sparked a contentious debate over the historical significance and present-day narratives surrounding the Congress party.(CNI)

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