Mohammad Altaf Dar illuminates the financial barriers obstructing children’s education, from admission fees to textbook expenses

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Mohammad Altaf Dar illuminates the financial barriers obstructing children’s education, from admission fees to textbook expenses.”


Activist Mohammad Altaf Dar Addresses Financial Obstacles Hindering Children’s Education


Srinagar,Mar 29: In a poignant address, renowned activist Mohammad Altaf Dar has drawn attention to the growing burden of educational expenses impeding children’s access to quality education. Altaf Dar highlighted the escalating costs associated with admission fees, development fees, textbook purchases, and stationery expenses, which have become formidable barriers for many families.


Mohammad Altaf Dar (Rajbagh) underscored the alarming trend of educational expenses outpacing the affordability of families, particularly in underserved communities. He emphasized how these financial hurdles disproportionately affect marginalized children, further exacerbating educational inequities.


“The exorbitant costs of admission fees, development fees, and the purchase of textbooks and stationery items are placing an insurmountable burden on families, hindering their ability to provide education for their children,” remarked Altaf Dar. “These financial barriers perpetuate a cycle of poverty and limit opportunities for countless children to fulfill their academic potential.”


Renowned Activist Mohammad Altaf Dar (Rajbagh) called upon policymakers, educational institutions, and stakeholders to address these pressing issues urgently. He advocated for the implementation of measures to alleviate the financial strain on families, including subsidies for educational expenses and greater transparency in fee structures.


Furthermore, Mohammad Altaf Dar urged community members and civil society organizations to mobilize efforts in support of equitable access to education. He emphasized the collective responsibility to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education, irrespective of their socioeconomic background.


As the call for action resonates across the community, Altaf Dar’s advocacy serves as a catalyst for change, igniting dialogue and mobilizing efforts to dismantle financial barriers obstructing children’s education. Through concerted action and collaboration, stakeholders can work towards creating a more inclusive and accessible educational landscape for all children.CNI

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