Months Passed, DIO Office Anantnag Still Headless

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The office of District Information and Broadcasting Department Anantnag has been without a head for the past several months due to which the work in the department is being affected.

According to CNI, District Information Office in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district has been without a head for the past seven months.

Sources said the department runs without a head and the government has not taken any steps to appoint a permanent District Information Officer for the district.

According to official sources, the last District Information Officer (DIO) Anantnag, who headed the department was transferred in February 2023, but no one else has been appointed in his place yet.

In this regard, an official told CNI on condition of anonymity that officers were busy with Yatra duty, GAD has already transferred various officials. DIO Anantnag will be appointed within a week, he said.

Meanwhile, while talking to CNI Correspondent, a journalist, said that the media persons are facing many problems due to the department being without a head.(CNI)

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