Narrative of disunity with in Kashmiri Pandit Community is a creation of Political parties, powers and politicians just to ignore, isolate and sideline  them

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Jammu : Most of the people with in and out side our community and critics often cite internal divisions within the Kashmiri Pandit community as a reason for governmental and political parties inaction. But our stand is clear that  no doubt some differing opinions exist within KP community over some issues, as usual like with other communities too, but it is unjust to paint them as irreconcilably and deeply  divided. Other communities also experience political diversity without facing the same level of neglect. This narrative of disunity has been perpetuated by political interests that find it convenient to sideline the Kashmiri Pandit cause rather than address it head-on.

The argument that the government’s silence is due to the community’s purported lack of unity fails to hold water when compared to the treatment of other communities with similar internal dynamics. Kashmiri Pandits have made significant contributions to India’s cultural and intellectual fabric,demands integration with India,not separation like others, yet their cries for justice and restoration of rights continue to go unheard.

The issue goes beyond mere internal politics; it is a failure of governance and political will. Governments have historically been inefficient in addressing the concerns of the Kashmiri Pandit community, despite assurances and promises made over the years. The judiciary and executive branches have also some times  turning a blind eye to their plight, further deepening the sense of abandonment felt by the community.

If Prime Minister Modi Ji could extend invitations to dialogue with Muslim leaders from various parties in Kashmir, then it stands to reason that he could also convene a comprehensive dialogue with leaders representing diverse shades of the Kashmiri community. However, regrettably, such inclusive efforts have not materialized.

Present political calculations often prioritize vote banks, leaving the microscopic Kashmiri Pandit community, which belongs to the Brahmin clan and currently constitutes a minority in the country, sidelined. Unlike groups categorized under OBC, SC, ST, or Muslims,etc who receive prioritization in national policies, Kashmiri Pandits find themselves overlooked.

The crux of the issue lies in the fact that Kashmiri Pandits do not fit into any of these politically significant categories. Consequently, their grievances remain unaddressed and their community marginalized, not due to internal disunity but due to their lack of political leverage.

So,, addressing the plight of the Kashmiri Pandit community requires a departure from traditional vote bank politics towards a more inclusive and equitable approach. By recognizing their unique challenges and providing them with a platform for dialogue, the government can take a crucial step if it wishes.?

But unfortunately the absence of proactive measures from both U.T. and central governments underscores a systemic failure to prioritize the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits consolidatedly at one place in Kashmir valley. While other communities receive governmental attention and engagement through negotiations, Kashmiri Pandits find themselves sidelined, their concerns relegated to the periphery of political discourse.

Earlier some attention was given by the some ruling political parties whether Congress or BJP, but in present days of time neither BJP nor Congress are not those parties what they were earlier.

Another important  issue is the call for agitation or drastic measures to be taken by the KP community, should not be the prerequisite for a community’s grievances to be heard and addressed by the government. It is the duty of a democratic state to ensure the welfare and rights of all its citizens, particularly those who have suffered displacement and persecution.

At the end we can say,  while unity within the Kashmiri Pandit community is  also crucial, ,but it should not serve as an excuse for governmental neglect or apathy. The community’s contributions to India’s cultural and national identity cannot be overlooked, and their demands for justice and restoration of rights must be met with sincere governmental action. It is time for the government to acknowledge its failures, reevaluate its priorities, and take decisive steps towards resolving the longstanding issues faced by the Kashmiri Pandit community.which has already contributed lot for the country and humanity.and not blame the displaced KP community for its disunity which is not fact.CNI

[ Kundan Kashmiri].

Kashmir watcher & President KPC —Mobile No.880 2167955

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