NC strongly condemns Lathi Charge on peaceful protesters seeking removal of Toll Plaza

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Jammu people facing heat due to mis-governance of BJP Proxy Govt in J&K

Jammu, 23 Aug (CNI) : Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has vehemently condemned the use of lathi charge on people who were peacefully protesting to demand the removable of the Toll Plaza at Sarora.

In a statement issued here to News-agency Current News of India , Rattan Lal Gupta, Provincial President of J&K National Conference, asserted that the demand for the removable of the Toll Plaza from Sarore is well-founded and reflects the concerns of the people. He emphasized that the citizens’ peaceful demonstration for getting justice is a democratic right and should be met with understanding and cooperation.

Gupta pointed out the paradox between the statements of Union Minister for Highways Nitin Jairam Gadkari and the actions of the Regional Officer of NHAI P Shiva Shankar, who falls under Gadkari’s jurisdiction. While Minister Gadkari clearly stated in Parliament that the distance between two toll plazas should not be less than 60 kilometers. However, the NHAI Regional Officer cited different provisions to justify the establishment of two tolls at Sarore and Ban.

“It is crucial that the Union Minister clarifies this ambiguity,” Gupta urged. He stressed that this confusion has resulted in an unjust imposition of tolls and has raised concerns among the public. The people of Jammu have been left grappling with the repercussions of the BJP government’s misgovernance, causing widespread unrest in the region.

Gupta criticized the silence of the J&K BJP leadership in the face of this serious issue, noting that the lack of acknowledgment or action from the ruling party’s representatives is contributing to the turmoil. He expressed his concern over the boiling sentiment in the entire Jammu region due to what he termed the BJP government’s indifference to the concerns of the citizens.

Gupta demanded that the toll plaza at Sarore should be abolished with immediate effect in view of just and genuine demand of people of Jammu region.(CNI)

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