NC Viral Video:Rahullah Medhi assures stern action against organizers

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Srinagar, May 9: The National Conference Parliamentary election event at Palapora Eidgath of Downtown Srinagar has come under sharp criticism after the some videos showing young girls singing, dancing, and enjoying went viral on social media platforms.


NC candidate for Srinagar Parliament Constituency Rahullah Medhi has assured stern action against the organizers of event. He absolved himself saying that ‘it neither happened in his presence nor with his consent.’


The National Conference opponents as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust have indulged in ruthless criticism after the videos went viral. These videos available on different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have garnered thousands of comments, most of them going against the National Conference.


NC candidate for Srinagar Parliament Constituency Rahullah Medhi in response to a query raised by DPAP leader Salman Nizami wrote: “This neither happened in my presence nor with my consent and knowledge. Rest assured the organisers will be taken to task no matter how senior or junior they might be.

But since you have invoked your respect for my Father -and I appreciate that- It is my duty to remind you that He would never condone you knowingly or unknowingly helping the fascist forces who took our dignity and rights.”


Earlier, DPAP chief spokesperson, Salman Nizami took to Twitter (now called X) in a complaining mode stating: “I held immense respect for your father, but yesterday’s event, featuring Kashmiri girls dancing on stage and chanting your slogans, was deeply disappointing. It’s a direct assault on our Kashmiri culture and Islamic values. If Aga Syed Mehdi sahib were alive today, he would have never condoned such a disrespectful display!”


Former Srinagar Mayour who is associated with the Jammu Kashmir Apni Party sarcastically wrote: “National Conference saving our “Tashakhus” (Identity) — both Deeni (Religiously) and Tahzeebi (Culturally) — at their Palpora Eidgah workers meeting today. Ah Shabaash! (Well-Done).CNI

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