NC Vows Amnesty for Incarcerated, Restoration of Constitutional Status if Voted to Power

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Srinagar, (CNI) : National Conference (NC) Leader and Member of Parliament Agha Ruhullah on Friday said that if his party wins the upcoming elections, they will prioritize amnesty for incarcerated persons.


He said that during a press briefing after National Conference Meeting at Party Headquarters where Ruhullah outlined the party’s election agenda, emphasizing the restoration of the state’s constitutional status and guarantees.


Ruhullah said that the party is currently engaging with the public and party members to identify key issues for the elections. “If there are elections and the party participates, then the biggest issue will be the constitutional status and guarantees of this state, which were taken from us. Not only will we talk about this in the elections, but if we succeed, we will also work on it,” Ruhullah said.


He said that the NC has started interactions with citizens and party members to address everyday concerns such as land and job rights, unemployment, electricity tariffs, power shortages, power projects, reservations, open merit, tourism, employment, education, healthcare, and the development of cities and towns.


A comprehensive manifesto would be prepared within the next 30-40 days, using public opinions and focusing on the development and representation.


He said that the manifesto will also include commitments to address land rights, job rights, unemployment, electricity issues, power projects, reservation policies, tourism, education, healthcare, and urban development.


“We are having a general discussion on what needs to be addressed. After this, we will open channels with people, interact with them in society, take their opinion, and within the next 30-40 days, we will bring a comprehensive manifesto and try to implement it,” he added.


Ruhullah said that in addition to these issues, the NC aims to work on the release and amnesty of incarcerated persons if they form the government.


The NC is preparing to bring a comprehensive manifesto in the coming weeks with a promise to address both constitutional issues and everyday concerns of the people, with a firm commitment to work towards the amnesty and release of incarcerated persons, he added.(CNI)

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