Oma Abdullah appeals: ‘Give me a chance to serve, represent you in parliament

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Baramulla, May (CNI):Former chief minister and Baramulla parliamentary constituency candidate, Omar Abdullah on Monday asked people to give him an opportunity by voting on May 20, promising to serve and represent them in parliament.


National Conference Vice President, said, “The current time is very crucial, filled with fear on every side. We are being rendered politically and economically weak. The memories of the decision on August 5, 2019, are still fresh in our minds. Whether it’s about land rights or employment, people are worried. It’s important to have a representation who can articulate and address these concerns in the parliament.”


Omar added, “Jammu and Kashmir stands as the top-ranking region for unemployment. Our youth are tragically falling prey to drug addiction. It’s our collective right to voice our concerns in Delhi. For that, you must give me the opportunity to serve you.”


Responding to a query, Abdullah said it is ultimately the voters who decide the fate of the candidate, but they are confident of victory. “The response from the people is filling us with hope and determination,” he said.


Regarding the alleged arrest of workers, the former CM said, “Those arrested have been identified, including the police stations where they are held. The police cannot deny these facts, instead, they should explain to the Election Commission of India why these arrests occurred and why those individuals are being summoned.”—(CNI)

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