On 4th June, the country will win under the leadership of Modi Ji. The dynastic and corrupt Congress alliance will lose: Chugh

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Modi’s guarantee means 3 crore houses for the poor and free treatment for the elderly: Chugh


BJP’s Modi government will win the resolution of 140 crore Indians: Chugh


Congress’s princes who set out with the shop of love are now spreading hatred and poison in the society: Chugh


National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri Tarun Chugh said that he strongly targeted Congress on corruption and while speaking on the tenure of BJP, he said that on 4th June, the country will win under the leadership of Modi Ji. Under the leadership of Modi Ji, the resolution of 140 crore Indians will win on 4th June. He said that this election is the election of the future of the country. Congress and parties like it made only false promises to the people for decades but today the country is seeing Modi’s guarantee and Modi’s guarantee means guarantee of development and national security. Modi’s guarantee means guarantee of 3 crore houses for the poor and free treatment for the elderly above 70 years of age in the next five years. Modi’s guarantee means the guarantee of fulfillment of the guarantee. In 10 years, the BJP government sent crores of rupees to Punjab but that money was looted by Congress and AAP, the ATM of corruption, and now AAP is also looting in the same way. AAP came to power by making a lot of promises but as soon as it came to power, it became a photocopy of Congress. Whatever Congress looted, AAP wants to do the same corruption in a few months. AAP, which came to power by talking about industries, has opened a shop of making fake videos. It is not even ready to write on the old scams of Congress and as soon as AAP came to power, double R tax was imposed on the public. In Delhi too, there is a discussion about the double R tax imposed on the people of Telangana. The princes of Congress had come out with the shop of love before the elections but now the princes of Congress have started poisoning the society. Those who support the Tukde-Tukde gang are talking about dividing the country. An advisor of the prince has said that the people of South India are Africans.


Chugh said that India is a digital power today. India is a fintech power today. India is a start up power today. India is the 5th largest economy today. India is a space power today. He said that the track record of Congress is of loot, appeasement, dynasty first, Congress’s track record is of being soft on terrorists. There is nothing for the middle class in the Congress manifesto. But these people are making bold announcements of distributing the middle class’s income among their vote bank after doing an X-ray. The poison of racism is in every vein of Congress, the prince’s mentors are calling the people of their own country as from China, Africa.


Chugh said that there is only one rock in front of development and anti-national agenda, that is Modi and Modi gets strength from the love and votes of the people. Shri Chugh appealed to form the BJP government for the third time by making the local Lok Sabha candidate victorious with a huge number of votes.CNI

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