Ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict: There are “profound lessons for us”,Says Army Chief General Manoj Pandey

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Srinagar, 26 April (CNI) : Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande on Tuesday said that in the context of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, there are “profound lessons for us”, both in the strategic domain and the operational level, as also at the tactical level.

According to the monitoring desk of Current News of India (CNI) , during an interactive session at an event organised by the Republic TV , Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Pandey highlighted the importance of coordination between the three services i.e. Army, Air Force and Navy. “Modern warfare often requires a coordinated effort involving multiple branches of the military,” he said.

The Army, Navy and Air Force each bring unique capabilities to the table, The Army facilitates ground operations and territory capture, the Navy enables power projection and maritime control, and the Air Force provides air superiority and strategic mobility, When these branches work together in a coordinated manner, they can carry out comprehensive and integrated operations that take advantage of their respective strengths and capabilities.

Speaking about the lessons for India from the Russia-Ukraine War, General Manoj Pande stated, ‘From the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I believe there are very profound lessons for us both in the strategic domain at the operational level and also at the tactical level. What is important for us is to see their relevance in our context and then move forward.’

Talking about modernisation of the Indian Army, General Manoj Pande stated, ‘Indian Army is a very fair organisation. We have made many transformations to be a modern, tech-driven, and self-relied force that can meet future challenges in an effective manner,’

“We will have a fitter Army, and availability of soldiers in combat frontline units will increase,” Gen Pande said.

“And, we are very certain that at the end of four years, when we actually start to see the results, it is going be a win-win situation, not only for the military, but also for the society and the country overall,” he said.

On the transformation steps taken by the Army going forward, Gen Pande said year 2023 has been declared as the year of transformation by the force.

“We have taken a number of transformation initiatives so that we become a more modern, more technology-driven, self-reliant and a battle-worthy force to be able to not only carry out our mandate more effectively, but also to be able to meet future security challenges in a much effective manner,” he said, adding that the Army has laid down five domains in which this transformation will take place in the future.(CNI)

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