Over 2000 fish die in Mansar Lake during last 4 days

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Samba,Feb 10 :Fish are continuously dying in the famous Mansar Lake of Samba district which has been a cause of concern for the local people in the area.

The people said this has been going on continuously for the last four days and till now around 2000 fish have died and the taking them out of the lake is going on continuously.

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Wildlife Department personnel are taking out dead fish every day and burying them in a safe place as leaving them in the open can lead to pollution and can cause epidemic.

The death of such a large number of fish has become a matter of grave concern among the local people and they said that some disease is causing the death of such a large number of fish in the lake.

This has happened earlier also in the famous Mansar Lake but this time their number is very high which has created fear among the people.

Bishamber Singh and Surinsar Mansar Range Officers of the Wildlife Department said that the fish had started dying suddenly in the last four days. On the first day, their number was very less. It seemed that this would not continue further but the fish continued to die.

“After that we informed higher ups of the Fisheries Department and found that they died due to eating of hailstones during the rains’’.They said “We are burying all the dead fish by digging a pit at a distance so that no disease spreads due to the bad smell’’.–(CNI)

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