Pakistani Parliament passes resolution urging Sweden to take ‘appropriate steps’ against Holy Quran’s desecration

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Islamabad:08 July (CNI): Pakistan’s Parliament on Thursday passed a unanimous resolution asking Sweden to take “appropriate steps” against perpetrators involved in the recent incident of the Holy Quran’s desecration in Stockholm.

The Pakistani government convened a special joint session of the two houses of the Parliament to discuss the issue as it was set to observe Friday as the sanctity of Quran day.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Murtaza Javed Abbasi moved the resolution stating that the house believed in respecting all religions, beliefs and holy books.

“This House urged that appropriate steps be taken by Swedish authorities against the perpetrator(s) including but not limited to legal action, and to ensure that no such act takes place in the future,” the resolution stated.

It urged that the incidents of Islamophobia should be dealt with the same seriousness as hate against other religions.

Last week, a man tore up and burned a copy of the Holy Quran outside Stockholm’s central mosque, creating a wave of anger in the Muslim world.

The resolution also appreciated the steps taken by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in its special meeting earlier this week “to compile recommendations and devise a collective future strategy to counter Islamophobia”.

Earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in his speech, said that the Holy Quran taught love, respect and patience to the entire world. “We respect all these religions so that no one points a finger at our religion or book,” he said.

The prime minister claimed that events such as the one in Sweden were a part of “a conspiracy to create rifts between Christians and Muslims” and demanded that such actions be condemned.

He also urged the people to hold peaceful protests on Friday to register their protest against the incident and “give a message to the world”.(CNI)

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