People of Hanji Danter demand a Vegetable Village

People of Hanji Danter demand a Vegetable Village

Aman Malik

Srinagar,11 Sep (CNI): Hanji Danter is a rural and agricultural village just at the stone’s throw from administrative headquarters of district Anantnag.

As per the monitoring desk of Current News of India, four decades back the village was self-reliant in terms of food grains mainly rice. No matter, the village has almost 100 percent literacy rate ,which proved it as a curse , the young generation preferred to have different priorities via-a-vis livelihood, the shrinking of government employment and the Bangidar, Mir Danter villages got merged into Anantnag (Islamabad) Municipal Council as ward 1.

The areas of ward 1 became fully commercial and the people mainly of Bangidar, which was the vegetable bed of the district Anantnag is now occupied by palatial houses and the commercial buildings .

Coming back to the issue, the young generation of Village Hanji Danter is now again thinking to go for the basics , in terms of Agricultural but in a different format. They want to be the entrepreneurs in vegetable sector because of the easy market availability,which is just 1Kms from the main town and want to turn the village into an organic society by all means especially Agriculture.

Ironically, the priorities of Agriculture department seems to be different with least or almost no outreach to the specific area.
The educated youth of Hanji Danter hamlet demand that the area should be declared as vegetable village by agriculture department with unique specifications.

In this context when this reporter talked to several highly educated youth of the village they said that we understand that the jobs in government sector is dwindling, UT administration is not even able to absorb the youth against the due vacant posts were from the additional quota will come.

Furthermore, agriculture and its allied sectors have supported the livelihood of Jammu Kashmir since last almost four and a half centuries, we will toil in the fields to earn honorably and added that their is lot of scope in vegetable farming.(CNI)

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