PM has no house, vehicle of his own

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New Delhi: (CNI ) Despite being the Prime Minister for two consecutive terms and providing houses to four crore poor in the country in the past 10 years, Narendra Modi neither has a house of his own nor does he own a vehicle.


According to an affidavit filed by the PM along with his nomination, he has movable and immovable assets of more than Rs 3.02 crore, which include fixed deposits of Rs 2,89,45,598 in the State Bank of India.

Along with this he has 52,920 cash in hand of which Rs 28,000 has been withdrawn from the election bank account.

The PM has Rs 73,304 deposited in NSC branch of SBI in Gandhinagar and Rs 7,000 in Shivaji Nagar branch in Varanasi.

He has Rs 9,12,398 in National Savings Certificate, the affidavit said. Modi has four pieces of gold rings weighing 45 grams worth Rs 2,67,750.

In the financial year his projected Income Tax return is Rs 3,33,179. As per the affidavit he has no criminal case pending against him. (CNI)

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