PM Modi Resigns, Setting Stage for New Government Formation

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By Aadil Abdullah

PM Modi, Union Cabinet likely to take oath on June 8

Srinagar,05 June: This move by Prime Minister Modi comes as a surprise to many, as he was widely expected to continue serving as the Prime Minister. However, in a show of humility and respect for the democratic process, he decided to tender his resignation following the successful completion of the elections.


President Murmu’s acceptance of the resignation and request for Modi to continue until the new government assumes office reflects the smooth transition of power that is a cornerstone of Indian democracy. It also showcases the respect for the rule of law and the constitutional process that is ingrained in the country’s governance structure.


As the 17th Lok Sabha is dissolved, the focus now shifts to the formation of the new government. With the NDA winning a majority in the elections, the path seems clear for them to form the government. However, the slight shortfall in seats for the BJP indicates the importance of coalition politics in the Indian context.


The Congress party’s increase in seats compared to the 2019 elections indicates a shift in the political landscape and the potential for a more balanced and diverse representation in the new government. This could lead to a more inclusive and collaborative approach to governance, with different voices and perspectives coming together for the betterment of the country.


Overall, Prime Minister Modi’s resignation and the subsequent acceptance by President Murmu pave the way for a new chapter in Indian politics.


The successful completion of the elections and the peaceful transition of power highlight the strength of Indian democracy and the commitment of its leaders to uphold the values of democracy and the rule of law. As the country moves forward towards the formation of the new government, it is hoped that the spirit of cooperation and inclusivity will guide the decision-making process for the benefit of all citizens.CNI

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